IEEE Eu-Reka ’23


What is Eu-Reka?

Eu-Reka is a flagship event of IEEE Education Society, Pune Section with the prime objective to “Elevate the Educational Reka”(line) at all levels of society. It is an initiative to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and to promote lifelong learning opportunities. Eu-Reka empowers and encourages College students to promote education as Ambassador of Education.

Vision : to meet the educational needs of Inclusivity through encouraging and empowering rural children to pursue higher education by developing interest and curiosity; and Equity through addressing the issue of the high drop-out rate of high school girls students by boosting their confidence and aspirations.


What do we do?

As part of EU-REKA 23, teams of college students will go to urban/rural high schools and conduct interactive programs related to a STEAM topic to raise interest and curiosity among the school students. Hence the Eu-Reka 2023 promotes United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UN-17-SDG) as:

UN-17 SDG Goal 4: Quality Education
UN-17 SDG Goal 5: Gender Equality
UN-17 SDG Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities




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Successful Years

15th August

Phase 0

Registration Opens

30th September

Phase 1

Last date of registration

7th November

Phase 2

Final Submission

30th November

Phase 3

Result By

3rd – 10th December

Phase 4

Valedictory Ceremony


Exposure & Inclusiveness

Expose high school students to advanced state-of-art technologies.
Promote educational inclusiveness, bridging urban-rural literacy gaps in high schools.

Operation Hub

Promote gender equality by encouraging girls in high schools for higher education.

Reduce Drop-outs

Encourage high school students to pursue science & technology studies, reducing drop-out rates.

Knowledge Sharing

Facilitate college students interaction with urban and rural high schools, sharing advanced technology knowledge.



What is IEEE?

IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional Organization dedicated to advancing Technology for the benefit of humanity. Established in 1884, IEEE has about 4.3 Lakh members spread over 160 Countries across the Globe.

Who can become a student member of IEEE? What are the

Any student of Science / Engineering colleges pursuing a full time Course can become a student member of IEEE. Please approach the IEEE Student Counsellor of your college or see for more details.

Why is IEEE interested in conducting EU-REKA?

The motto of IEEE is to “advance Technology for Humanity”. The best way of doing this is to disseminate information about the benefits of emerging technologies among the future citizens of our country. That is one of the main objectives of IEEE EU-REKA.

How to become an IEEE student member?

Click to become an IEEE member. The registration fee for each student is 27 USD and you will enjoy all the IEEE benefits till 31st December 2023. Students wishing to take advantage of the 50% discount can do so by using the promotion code FUTURE50 during the online check-out process for joining or renewing their IEEE membership.


Can students doing engineering other than Electronics
participate in IEEE EU-REKA?

Yes; IEEE Eu-Reka 2023 is open for all Engineering college students (First to Final Year) doing Bachelor Degree in Engineering / Technology (any branch). This year IEEE Eu-Reka is open for students in Science Streams also.

Can students doing Science courses participate in IEEE EU-REKA?

This year, Eu-Reka 2021 is open for students doing full -time undergraduate courses in science/technology/Engineering streams. For any clarifications on this matter, you may contact Help Desk.

I am not an IEEE member. Can I participate in the program?

Yes; Suggest you join hands with an IEEE Student member to form a team, so that you can participate in the event. Still better would be for you to become a member of IEEE and reap all other benefits too. Becoming an IEEE member is very easy. There is a very simple on-line procedure you need to follow. Any of your fellow IEEE members can help you with this.

Should our team visit the schools for interaction sessions?

This year, we are allowing virtual as well as physical mode of
interaction with the students. Please follow all procedures
suggested by Government and local authorities. We highly
suggest that the participants should ensure that they are
vaccinated if they are planning to visit the schools for
interaction sessions. However, please note that the mode of
interaction won’t be making any difference in the selection
process for prizes

I am in a college outside Pune. Can I participate in the

Yes; this is a nation –wide program.

In my college, there are many students who are interested.
Can there be many teams from the same college?

Yes, there can be many teams from the same college.

Can students from different colleges form a team to
participate in IEEE EU-REKA?

Yes; There is no restriction from the organisers side, as far as the members can work together in a coherent manner with the team leader.

What is the criteria for choosing schools? Can they be
private schools?

The schools can be Private or Government schools. In case you are planning to have virtual interaction, please ensure that the schools have necessary network Infrastructure to support your on-line interactive session. Our help Desk can also provide help by providing names of schools in your area.

What are the guidelines to form a team?

The main guideline is that all team members should be able to work cohesively to complete the task within the given time frames. There can be 2/3/4 student members in a team, out of them at least 1 must be a girl student. At least one member of the team should be an IEEE member in the current year. Membership number of the IEEE member will be checked before accepting registration.

Can College staff member be part of a team?

No. No staff member can be part of a team. However, a team
can have a mentor whose guidance can be taken for
participating in the IEEE EU-REKA program. The mentor can be a staff member of the college or can be from Industry or elsewhere. The mentor need not be an IEEE member.

Can I participate in the program alone?

No. You have to be part of a team. IEEE EU-REKA is a team activity. One of the purposes of IEEE EU-REKA is to encourage team spirit.

How is the selection process done for giving away the

Please see the section on ‘Eligibility Conditions for IEEE Eu-Reka 2023′.

Will there be a 2 -tier selection?

No. There will be only one central selection process at National Level. Please see the section on ‘Eligibility Conditions for IEEE Eu-Reka 2023’ for details.

What is the registration fee for participating in the program?

There will be no Registration fee. See section on ‘Eligibility
Conditions for IEEE Eu-Reka 2023’

Will there be any financial support for participating in the

No. No financial support shall be provided by IEEE.

What benefits can I expect when I participate in the event?

Association with IEEE has always benefited students in many
ways. See for details. As a participant of IEEE EU-REKA 2023, you have plenty of opportunities to win prizes. Even if your team could not win a prize, each member of the participating team will be eligible for an IEEE certificate for having participated. However, for that your team must complete all the tasks allotted to you within the time frame.

What are the benefits for the college, whose students are
participating in the event?

It has always been a privilege for a college to be associated with IEEE in some form or other. Thousands of colleges all over the world are trying hard for the same. If students of a college win a prize at the event, it is a matter of pride for the college. Many of the colleges in India are showcasing their association with IEEE in many ways.

What are the benefits for the schools participating in the

(a) School students (and teachers also) would be exposed to advanced state-of-the-art technologies. Last year more than 500 school staff from different parts of the country benefitted from the program.
(b) All participating schools will be awarded “Certificate of
(c) School teachers / authorities can establish contact with
IEEE for future technological activities

Hear from our past participants!

” I have been a part of IEEE Eu-Reka organised by IEEE Pune section for the last two years and it has been a rewarding and enriching experience for me. As an Ambassador of Education, I had the opportunity to visit various urban and rural high schools and conduct sessions on topics such as robotics, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, and digital literacy. Eu-Reka is not just a contest, but a mission to raise the educational Reka of the nation. I am proud to be a part of this mission and I thank IEEE Pune Section for giving me this opportunity. Eu-Reka has changed my life and I hope, with the power of technology, it will change many more lives in the future! “

Aniketh Shenoy

Winner, Eu-Reka 2021

“Participating in Eureka ’22, organized by IEEE Pune, transformed our life. Our goal was to empower girl students through our topic ‘Technologies for rural development and women’s welfare’ in both urban and rural schools . I honed my leadership and teamwork skills during the competition, engaging with teachers and students. The students’ enthusiasm fueled our passion, leading to extended classes.
Winning as ‘Harini and team’ was truly a defining moment for us. Thanks to ALEX, AISWARYA, and RUPESH for their support.
Eureka ’22 marked the start of a successful journey, an unforgettable memory that deeply impacted me.
It paved me to connect with all the section members, who took part in this event.And I also Encourage all Eureka participants to explore uncharted territories and make use of this wonderful opportunity provided by IEEE PUNE SECTION.”

Harini & Team

Winner, Eu-Reka 2022

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